Sunday, June 5, 2011

Kootenai Falls

We went on a long drive to get to the Kootenai Falls. They had a great swinging bridge and the falls were pretty neat.

It was finally a great day in Montana and we took the opportunity to get outside.

Keston and mom - we have fun together. Take a good look, this is his last day of being 13.

The swinging bridge.

Sitting on one of the cables that hold the bridge. They tried to be tight rope walkers but didn't get very far.

The view from the bridge.

Going across the bridge. Chad has mentioned on more than one occasion that he is afraid of bridges, but he didn't say one word and had a great time trying to make the swinging bridge, swing.

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Kartchner Family said...

Hello...where is all the snow I've heard so much about?

Way to make all these posts on the day I should be cleaning my house for company...I need to focus.

Looks like fun though!!!