Sunday, June 5, 2011

Track . . .

Kayden better be careful, his record may get broken . . . This is Chad's first track meet and in his words "I'm going to epically fail"; however he came in fourth place with a jump of 46inches. Not bad for never having done it before and it being his first year and his technique was great.

He ending up kicking the bar on this one, but he did great!

This is one of Keston's jumps. He loves to do the triple jump and he is pretty good at it. His best jump this season was 32 feet. This jump he did 29 something. He had a great season. He compete in the triple and long jumps, the discus (because he like to twirl around) and he tried some running events. He wanted to try the high jump but it was always the same time as the triple jump so he didn't get the opportunity.