Monday, July 4, 2011

Glacier on the 4th.

We went hiking in Glacier for the 4th of July. Val lead the way along McDonald creek.

How is she so gorgeous - I am so jealous of her hair.

Chad always makes everything fun. He always has a smile on his face and the one liners he comes up with . . . we were laughing so hard along the trail.

The falls along the way. They were sure flowing - talk about white water.

At the top of the falls.

Yes, we're still at the falls.

On the foot bridge. I told them to get close and Val made sure they were really close.

Who wouldn't love this face.

Still jealous that she is so cute.

Are you asking where Keston is in all our fun . . . well he is working at Melita Island the scout camp. He will be there for two weeks then he is going on a 50 miler so we won't really see him for a long time. Hope he has fun.

It has been a great weekend. We went out to Ashley Lake with friends on Saturday, the Sunday we went up to Toren's for food, fun, football, and fireworks. A great weekend to celebrate all the freedoms we have.

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