Monday, July 4, 2011

Learning about the days of yore

We went up to Granny's to visit because Sherylee and Kayden came to visit and it was time to head north. While Chad and I were getting ready for bed we found the records again and Chad had no idea what they were. Can you believe that Granny still has the old record player from when we were little. So Chad and I plugged it in to see if it would work and it still does. So we found my favorite Smurf records (no laughing) and the Raffi record and we put them on the ol' turn table. We taught Chad how to be careful not to scratch the record when he put the needle on. It was the scratchiest, most static I have heard in a long time but we sure had a good time. Then we found the little 45s and Chad can put the middle piece in. What is funny is we found Billy Idol, Bruce Willis and other ones that Ken used to listen to. It was a fun night - who needs to go to bed when you can play with old record players.

We didn't find the Disney record or the Easter record. How fun!

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