Sunday, May 6, 2012

Another cold day at the track

Track and Field can be very exciting but not when it is freezing outside.  Everyone was saying we were very lucky it wasn't snowing . . . not just raining but snowing.  We are very lucky that we live two blocks from the track and I could come and go.  Everyone who was watching had on big parkas, hats, gloves, scarves . . . you would have thought we were watching the winter olympics instead of track and field in May.  Oh well - all I can say is thank heavens for hidden wheat bags in my coat otherwise I would have been really cranky.

Keston did okay, He got 5th in Triple and 6th in Long Jump.  It was so cold he could not get warm enough to relax so his jumps are not close to his personal bests but he was still okay with the way he did.  One more meet on Friday and then he is done for the year.

Chad has his first meet on Tuesday, we'll see how he does.  Stay warm everyone and whoever is hogging all the sun and warm - stop it and send it north . . . PLEASE!  What is really ironic is my class right now is on global warming and the environment.  It is hard to believe there is global warming when you are sitting outside in the cold in May.  

Track and Field Boys Triple Jump
RankGrad YearPlayerTeamTime/DistanceWindStatusHeatEvent
1-Jared WelchLincoln County37'3.75"0.00Q F1Triple Jump
22015Austin CookGlacier (Kalispell)37'2.25"0.00Q F2Triple Jump
32015Ty MorganColumbia Falls37'1.00"0.00Q F2Triple Jump
42015Nolan HofsteeLincoln County36'9.25"0.00Q F2Triple Jump
52015Kesten HemsleyFlathead (Kalispell)34'2.00"0.00Q F2Triple Jump
62015Jake DittmanGlacier (Kalispell)28'11.25"0.00Q F1Triple Jump

Track and Field Boys Long Jump
RankGrad YearPlayerTeamTime/DistanceWindStatusHeatEvent
12015Casey KosteckiGlacier (Kalispell)17'5.50"0.00Q F2Long Jump
2-Maverick EscalanteFlathead (Kalispell)17'3.75"0.00Q F2Long Jump
32015Nolan HofsteeLincoln County17'3.50"0.00Q F1Long Jump
42015Austin CookGlacier (Kalispell)17'3.00"0.00Q F2Long Jump
52015Bridger RowleyPolson16'10.50"0.00Q F1Long Jump
62015Kesten HemsleyFlathead (Kalispell)16'10.00"0.00Q F2Long Jump

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