Monday, May 14, 2012

Lizard sitting

Meet Spike - we got to lizard sit for just over a week and Chad had a great time with him.  We found out that he likes shiny things spinning, he does not like Lego minifigs (he rammed the glass and if you look closely you can see he face print), he loves it when we feed him his lettuce, and he kept Chad amused. 

 Maggie was not sure of our visitor.  To begin with we had the cage just sitting on the floor and it took a couple of days for her to figure out there was something in there but once she did he drove her crazy.  Spike was a tease, he would sit still and then out of the blue dash across his cage and I think he did it just to drive Maggie nuts - and it worked.  She would try to see him then jump on the couch and jump down.  It was amusing.

 This is Chad feeding Spike his lettuce.  He was trying to get him to jump up to get it. 

We sure had fun with him and it gave the kids a lizard fix without having to buy one. 

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