Sunday, October 13, 2013

Jewel Basin

Part of Tylissa's bucket list for the summer before she went to college was to hike up in the Jewel Basin so we went for a hike.  Keston was on Melita and Chad was in Canada so it was just us three.  We had fun, threw snowballs (yes we found snow in July), and enjoyed the view of the valley below.

 The north end of Flathead Lake and Echo and Blaine lake as well.

 I made a snow angel.  It is cold on your feet when you hike in snow with just chacos on.

One of the lakes.  No one was brave enough to test the waters.

My pretty girl and the site of some of the snow balls.  It is not fair - Val has a more accurate throw.

 The bear grass was everywhere.  I'm not sure why it is so fascinating . . . but it is a popular plant.  I asked Val why it was called bear grass because it doesn't look like a bear, the bears don't eat it and he said because Lewis and Clark was bears rolling around in a field that was full of the plants and hence it was named bear grass.

We had a great time! 

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