Sunday, October 13, 2013

Trek 2013

This year both Keston and Chad got to go on trek.  They were excited and looking forward to going.  Tylissa was sad because she really wanted to go but because she graduated she couldn't go.

 Meeting up at the church.  Val drove a group out to the "trail head".

 Unloading and getting sorted into the families. 
Keston's friend, S.  This is who he hangs out with all summer long on Melita Island.  They were hoping to be in the same family but that didn't work.

Ma and Pa Toren.  They were a late addition to the trek families.  Ma was a little apprehensive but ended up having a great time.

Side note - on the way home from dropping off the boys, Val saw this mama moose and her baby.  He gets so lucky with wildlife.   

A few days later the parents were invited to welcome the trek families home.  We lined the final road as they rolled in.  This was our first glimpse of our pioneers through the trees.

 For a kid that has just trekked miles and miles, he was sure smiling.  Chad was part of the Cahoon family.  He had a great time and loved his family.

I was able to snap a quick picture of Keston coming in.  He had a great time too.  His family was the Jarvis family and from what I hear he was a hit with the females.

 I am a little sad because my camera died so we didn't get a group picture of Chad's family but I was able to pull some photos from Facebook.

 Chad looks so teeny compared to the rest of his family.  Luckily his mas was also on the petite side.  They really enjoyed having Chad in their family.  Like father like son, he pointed out all the edible foliage in the woods.

 Keston and his family.  Keston was adamant about taking his flute and his pa said he started off carrying it but that lasted only a couple of miles and in the cart it went.  He did play it a smidge.

The brothers after and still smiling.  They both had a great time and created a lot of memories.  Chad was the youngest one on the trek and he did great.  Neither of them got blisters however, Keston had a rough day at the start.  Whatever was in his stomach didn't stay there, even after the infamous first meal of broth and an apple.  But once everything came out he was good to go.

They were both exhausted and fell asleep soon after we got on the road.  Keston is known as the power house of the tug-of-war . . . I know what you are thinking - Keston - powerhouse but we were told by many people that he was a key player.  He was at the front of the team and as soon as it would start he would pivot and put the rope over his shoulder and start walking.  One of the pas said that as soon as Keston got that pivot in he knew it was all over.  The poor kid had rope burns on his shoulder but his family were the champions (however, the stake leaders did beat them).  Another fun memory was the wake up call.  The state ym president would play Justin Bieber over a megaphone. 

Here is a link to a great video of the trek.  It is about 20 minutes long but great!


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