Sunday, November 3, 2013

Chad's 50 Miler

Chad's first 50 miler with his Dad was fun - it was actually a lot longer than 50 miles.  It was a small group but they had fun.  Chad hiked more this summer than anyone should ever have to.  He was on trek then a quick trip to Canada for Grandma and Grandpa's party and then off on the Scout hike.

The backpack is a lot bigger than the kid.  I think Keston was the same way.  Keston chose to stay on Melita Island so it was Chad and Dad.  

The whole group.  I always find it amusing when more leaders than boys want to go.  They went up to the China Wall which is fantastic (I trust Val's opinion) but the loop they were going to hike didn't workout due to fires but they still had a great time and they even made it home early.

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