Sunday, November 10, 2013

Tally 2013

The fun at Tally.  We had some great days with a lot of fun in the water.  Chad got better at wakeboarding.  Nathan popped up on the wakeboard like he has been doing it for years. 

Chad on his first wakeboard of the year.

The old folks enjoying the dingy.  

Playing king of the platform . . . this is gonna be good!

The winners . . . that is a lot of man flesh out there!

Grandpa learned early to stay down.

Preston became the best puppy sitter.  He took such good care of Maggie. 

Mark having fun at the beach.  I think it was the story - the monster at the end of this book.

Brad showing us his stuff. 

I took the plunge and tried wakeboarding.  It was so much easier than skiing.

I did it, I did it . . . another note:  In my eyes, I look so much like Sherylee in this picture. 

I even got out of the wake.  It took me a couple of times to get back in the wake.  The next time I tried (and yes, I popped right up again) the water was like unto glass. 

The two graduates.  Can you believe these two are going off on their next adventure?  Tylissa is heading off to college in Missoula and Paul on his mission to South Africa.  Editors Note:  Paul is actually in the Zambia mission. 

I love my mother . . . even if she won't take selfies with me.

Not sure what to think about this picture . . .

Austin trying to wakeboard.  The pull out of the water gets tough.

Chad doing his thing again.

I didn't get a good picture of him out of the air, but here he is coming back down.

Tylissa and Kendall - note to self, never be in the dingy when Brad is on the ski - you will get wet.

Alyssa cliff jumping.

Brad being brave and going for the dive.

Paul jumping off the cliff.

Who wouldn't trust this face?  It actually frightens me what that mind may come up with.

Chad trying the skiis - not bad.

Nathan's turn . . .

Excellent photo bomb from Uncle Rob!

Playing on the rope swing.   Alyssa . . .
and Nathan . . .

Then Chad . . .

Brad getting fancy . . . got a little dicey at the end.

Rob can't resist getting in there too.

Chad - well not sure what he is doing - but he is being Chad.

Alyssa on the ski.

The 3 boys on the tube.  Austin wanted calmer the other two a little not so calm.

So Austin gave them that not so calm ride.  His face worries me - note to self - not sure if I want this face to be my driver next time I get behind the boat.

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Ken Doig Family said...

Great post Sis, wish we could have been there longer. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of Chad on the wake board this year. Guess that's what happens when we're not there long enough.

Also, Paul isn't in South Africa, he is in Zambia. Although he was in the South Africa MTC. Keep smiling and see you soon for a visit.