Sunday, May 10, 2009

10 Reason Why We Love Granny

10. She's an Interpreter - she can interpret for Grandpa, she knows what each grunt means. Thanks Granny, otherwise we would never be able to talk to Grandpa.

9. GFC - need I say more.

8. She thinks of everyone before herself - she is always the last one to eat, the last one to sit down, and usually the last one to go to bed.

7. Makes an awesome icerink in the backyard - fun for kids of all ages, especially when there are home made doughnuts and hot chocolate.

6. She is the ONLY person who hands out Halloween candy while decorating for Christmas.

5. Always makes enough food for the whole family - enough that if 4 generations showed up for dinner there would be leftovers.

4. Christmas Pinata - a beloved tradition that grew and grew, the Mickey Mouse pinata has turned into giant happy apples to space ship looking things. As the pinata grew the stick had to get heartier - it went from broom stick to aluminum bat. The pinata is more fun than the treats inside.

3. She is who she is - take it or leave it - sweats or no sweats.

2. She would do anything for her kids or her grand kids.

1. She keeps our family together because she loves everyone of us.

We LOVE you Granny - Happy Mothers Day!

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The Doig family said...

Extremely well-said, Michelle! We love you too, Granny!