Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Weekend

Wow - we survived the weekend, the scary part was I had to go up to Calgary to get a passport and I worry too much, would the guarentor be okay, did I bring all the paperwork I needed, what if the pictures were the wrong size . . . it was crazy. So Monday morning Val and I headed up to Calgary, it took us a bit to find the place. Ken was kind enough to print out the google map instructions - only problem was there were 3 exits with similar names, one would end in Dr, one in Gate, etc. Once we were there we were in the passport office for 20 minutes and we waited in line for 15 minutes. So no sweat!

Now to rewind, we got to Canada around lunch on Saturday. Val and I were able to go to the temple that afternoon. We don't go enough, it was so nice to just leave everything at the door and relax and feel of the spirit. It is such a beautiful place.

Then it was up to Ken's for a hot dog roast and barbequed hamburgers - yum! The kids had a great time, the food was delicious and Chad invented his own gear for a life.
It's hard work roasting those hot dogs

Bring it!

Sunday was a fabulous, church in the morning and I professed to the Sunday School class that no, I was not moving in just visiting. Preston sat in his chair for the whole sacrament and did a great job. The day ended with a GFC dinner at Granny's after a nap and a visit over to Grandma Berry's (to get a Grandpa Berry mint). It is very rare that we stay over on a Sunday night so it was nice to watch everyone else leave first instead of us. A group took a walk around Temple Square to gather clues for Becky's primary . . . did you know there are owls living in the trees around the temple. They found 4 of them.

Monday was long with the drive to Calgary and back and then to Kalispell but the drive back home was beautiful . . . the snow is melting and there were waterfalls everywhere.
The top of the waterfall . . .

The bottom of the waterfall.

Love the mountains . . . we saw plenty of deer and a group of mountain goats.


Kartchner Family said...

I'm glad everything went well. See you in a few weeks.

The Doig family said...

Great post! Thanks for taking care of my kids. Sorry we didn't get to spend more time together on this trip. I'm glad everything worked out at the passport office, too.

Jessimo said...

That's great you got your passport!!! But last I didn't need one to come visit in Arizona ;) haha