Monday, May 11, 2009

The Mad Scientist Returns

Chad has a thing with experiments . . . I do my best not to cringe when he asks if he can do an experiment. Some are more successful than others. Well the latest one is the Rubber Egg. Did you know that if you put an egg in vinegar that it turns to rubber and it is very squishy? Neither did I, but guess what - it actually makes the egg rubber. Chad put the egg in a sealed container for 4 days and abracadabra. So here is Chad with his rubber (and might I add smelly) egg. It feels like a stress ball and is about the same squishiness - don't know if that is a word but oh well. He wanted to take it to church with him but no can do Jim Bob. He did finally put it in a baggie because we weren't sure what the inside of the egg is like. Needless to say the inside of the egg was still egg - thank goodness for the zip lock baggie - I ended up squishing it to hard and pop! The inside was still egg but the shell was all one piece. Who knew?

The next faze will be what a hard boiled egg will do in vinegar for 4 days so stayed tuned for that report. I know you will all be on pins and needles .
The Mad Scientist Smile


Kartchner Family said...

Wow, who knew you could make a rubber egg. Good experiment Chad

A's transformers world 2040 said...

hey chad can you make a little transformers size gun please