Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas Eve = Food, Fun, Faith and Friends

Christmas Eve is always my favorite part of the holidays. We get good food, great company, and we have a fantastic time. We are so blessed to have the Torens in our life and so grateful that they agree to share our wacky traditions with us.

We started out with dinner and there was a lot of it. Then we head downstairs to read the nativity story - we attempted to sing and only tried one song. We need to just put the music on the ipods.

Getting ready to read the nativity story.

Now who didn't want their picture taken?

B helping tell the nativity story. She had fun setting up all the pieces.

We then tried something new this year with a White Elephant exchange. We had a great time and think this will become a new piece to our evening. The kids picked out their own gifts and I laughed so hard when I tried to clean out our bathroom cupboard and Val just picked it all again. However - he did end up with Ethics in Accounting journal - and for some reason hasn't finished reading it.

Then it is on to the pinata.

To start the pinata we told Keston he had to hit it with a noodle first - so he did and it came back and hit him in the nose. Note to self - noodles fight back.

B is ready to go - look at that stance. She was so much fun to be around - to see the excitement in her face was contagious. Teenagers just don't have that anymore.

Next up is M and she meant business.

K didn't waste any time making her mark.

Chad taking a big whack at the pinata

At least he held onto the bad - dad's knees are very glad.

Tylissa put in all her gusto with each swing.

The goods - remember mom gets all the swedish berries.

I wish everyone could have heard this conversation. To take a picture of them all in their hoodies - I told them to strike the pose - then the debate started on how skaters would stand. It's not like this, it's like this. My question is when have my kids been around skaters to know how they would stand. And sorry Keston but I doubt any of them would open with prayer.

Thanks so much Granny and Grandpa Paul for the hoodies.

The jammies and the hoodies - what a crew! We love the surprises that come out of the pinata. Who wouldn't love these guys?

Thanks Nathan for the nerf gun - too bad we didn't have Granny's glasses to shoot.

Thanks Preston for the movie - a great choice!

Thanks Austin for the t-shirt! You have great taste cause it's not pink.

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