Monday, January 10, 2011

Keston's New Adventure

This is the last time you will see this goofy smile - those baby teeth are finally getting pulled. Yep - they are goners.

This is what Keston smiled looked like on Sunday night. What a cutie!

Here are the little treasures - two from each side. This brings back horrific memories of my trips to the dentist. Like mother like son, I remember getting my four teeth pulled.

His face is still partially numb here and he looks very rabbit like. I think I like the old smile better. It was funny to watch him talk and smile because the top lip wouldn't move.

This was his first time getting the freezing - can you believe the kid has never had cavities. He said the shot wasn't too bad and he couldn't feel a thing but he hated have the freezing way up in his nose. Luckily there were no booger catastrophes while he couldn't feel his nose.

So with the three teeth that came out over the holidays subtract these four teeth and it equals, what the heck is this kid going to be able to eat and with what teeth.
I wish I had a scanner because I would scan in the cute picture of when Keston was 18 months old and all he had was four teeth - two on the top and two on the bottom - The look was very similar.

There it is folks - the final . . . would you call this a smile? Thinking he would need soft food tonight I made chicken and mashed potatoes - when I called him for dinner he was eating crunchy Cheetos so it wasn't bothering him too terribly.
Now we will be patient and see how those teeth come in - we will find out the final to brace or not to brace the teeth in 6 months.
**The Hemsleys are now taking donations for the orthodontia work that will probably need to enter the above mouth. All major credit cards, cash and checks will be accepted**

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Ken Doig Family said...

I'd consider a donation, but I already have two kids visiting the orthodontist. Two is enough.