Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas morning

Christmas morning finally arrived.

Looks like we are blessed again.

The kids wasted no time with their stockings and Keston was the only one that got a picture. He and Chad a tons of socks in their sock.

Tylissa and her new Precious Moment - Belle reading a book - that fits Tylissa.

New DS game for Keston - Dragon Quest - so far he really likes playing it.

Jammies for Chad.

For the man who loves die, dice, dices - Dicecapades - over 100 dice to play with. It is pretty fun - come on over for a game.

To remember our great vacation - a new Disney ornament that plays the Fantasia Sorcerer's Apprentice and lights up - I love it!

An Ipod - how fun is that!

A new hat for Val - thanks Tylissa and thanks for making us all rice bags. My toes are staying warm at night.

An Ipod for Dad.

A DS for Chad - bring it on.

Keston got an Ipod too - the whole family has gone electronic.

Another great game to play - Tylissa had fun building it first - of course it is a pyramid.

A DS game to go with that DS.

It was a great Christmas and we have been truly blessed this year. Our blessings have runneth over the cup and we are truly grateful. Merry Christmas everyone! OK it is a bit late but full of love!

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Kartchner Family said...

Fun morning, so glad Chad liked his hoodie.