Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Greatest Game Ever Played . . . it's not golf

The first game of the season, Chad is located at the top of the picture. His first game was the same day as Keston's first meet, luckily they were located in the same place and I just needed to run to the opposite side of the complex after Keston's race. I missed the opening kick off but made it for most of the game.

Chad is on the far side of the field.

Kicking the point after touchdown kick. Unfortunately it didn't quite make it.

Getting ready to receive the kick off or punt. They did excellent for their first game and won. Too bad the rest of the season hasn't gone that great. After the first game they have been plagued by injuries and haven't one again until yesterday.

It was a great game yesterday and Chad did AWESOME! He had some great runs and scored the winning and only touchdown.

His first great run - sorry I get too excited and start jumping around so ignore the last bit of the video. Chad ended up stepping out of bounds so they brought it back a smidge.

The big punt return.

The wining touchdown and his teammate Cody kicked the point after touchdown and made it. It was a great game a very defensive game. Our defense did great and they pushed the other team back 15 -20 yards more than once. Unfortunately, it was a very cold morning and the grass was really wet so there were a lot of turnovers and fumbles. It turned out to be a great morning, cold but the sun was shining.

I told Chad at the beginning of the season that if he scored a touchdown we could go to Norm's News, a fun old fashioned soda shoppe with old fashioned bulk candy. After the game the first thing that came out of his mouth was Norm's News. Guess where we went to lunch . . . it was delicious!


Kartchner Family said...

Good work Chad. I agree it is a pretty good game...unless it is -30, snowing and the wind's blowing.

Ken Doig Family said...

I question your opinion on the Greatest Game Ever Played, it would be at Augusta National or the Old Course, but Football is a close 2nd. Great job and the TD! Wish we could have been there.