Sunday, October 9, 2011

Homecoming 2011

Homecoming is always a fun week. Monday was magical Monday and the students could dress up as something magical. Tylissa came up with a cute leprechaun outfit but I didn't get a picture. She was a little sad that no one really noticed but she looked adorable. Keston didn't dress up at all except for color wars and orange and black day. I never got a picture of him because he doesn't come home after seminary and before seminary, I'm not always functional.

This was throw-back day or flash back day. Tylissa asked if I had anything in my closet from when I went to school and then she asked if we still had the cheerleading outfit. Does this bring back any memories Aunt Sherylee? How cute is she?

Here is Keston playing Baby by Justin Bieber in his first opportunity marching in the marching band.

He did admit that he didn't play much because he was too busy getting the marching down.

He looks so fabulous!!!

Tylissa on orange and black day just before the big game on Friday. We actually won the game - amazing. We had a good time. Tylissa sat with the rowdy students, Keston was with the band, Chad was running around with his friends, and Val and I enjoyed the game.

Saturday was the dance and Keston's xcountry meet in Missoula so Tylissa and I headed down to see if we could find a dress. After watching a great race we headed to the mall and were thoroughly disappointed. The only dresses we could find we a few (less than 1/2 rack of last season's prom dresses). After a rejuvenating lunch at Fudruckers we headed to Ross and she found a dress that would work in her price range.

Tylissa's friend came over to get ready for the dance and then they took off together. How cute are they and can you believe that someone else is close to the same size?

Tylissa and L looking cute as ever.


Kartchner Family said...

Beautiful Dress for the cheer outfit, no comment. Great marching Keston!

Ken Doig Family said...

Great dress Tylissa!!! The cheer outfit, brings back great memories of Aunt Sherylee, from a distance you two could be twins.