Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Basketball - short style

 After football season Chad announced that he wanted to play basketball to keep in shape for track.  It was only a 6 week season and he was excited about it.  He did great for this being his first year playing and then being out for half of it (see other post).  Chad did great and scored a basket in his first game.  He did great but if he does this next year we will have to buy some basketball shoes because he was sliding everywhere.  His team did great going into the final school tournament with a 5 - 2 record.  The tournament was great, they didn't do as well as they hoped but one game was very exciting winning in overtime.  The very last game was Chad's best game.  He played a lot of the 4th quarter (which he had never played) and they did great. 

 I really appreciated his coach, he was not a side-line-yeller.  Chad really learned a lot from him.

I keep thinking he will grow but next to his teammates he seems so small.

Shooting the free throws . . . he was very close.

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