Monday, December 10, 2012

Canada in Three Parts - Part I

In October we made the journey up to Canada to go to the Calgary Temple Open House, see Kendall as he just got home from his mission in the Philippines, and see Monte and Sherylee because they came up to see their boys.

We left Wednesday after Tylissa got off work and made a quick stop at Granny's then headed up to see Kendall.  He forgot that he was Canadian and complained of the cold.  They introduced us to Duck Dynasty and I really don't have a comment about that one.

Thursday morning we headed up to Calgary with Granny and Grandpa Paul.  A quick stop to grab a slurpee made the trip better especially when we added the Timbits from Tim Horton's in Fort McLeod.  Chad can spot a Tim Horton's from a mile away.

Grandpa drove us right to the temple with a trip down memory lane with Grandpa.  We saw the church he helped build, the street he used to live on as a little boy, and other fun things like the Calgary Tower. 

The Calgary Temple is in an area of Calgary that you wouldn't expect and true to Southern Alberta, it was windy!  It is a beautiful temple and I love how they did the baptismal font.  Val wanted the mural and I wanted the chandelier.   
 This is us getting ready to go in.

 Wheat was a reoccurring theme throughout but they got the windows wrong - I have never seen the wheat standing up, it is usually at a 90 degree angle.

A view from the "Cool Runnings" bobsled run from the temple.  Sorry but we had to throw it in.

The beautiful garden.  Can you just imagine all the wonderful wedding pictures taken here.

 Have I mentioned how much I hate the wind?  Actually the weather was very nice for October.
 Our favorite Granny and Grandpa Paul - thanks for coming with us.  It is always more fun with you.

Look at this cute couple. 

As we were leaving we ran into Aunt Bernita and Uncle Jerry, I haven't seen them in years and they really haven't changed much.  Also watching the dedication of the temple we were excited to see President Monson sitting in the same room that we were in just a few days before.  Our tour guide was also in the choir. 

From the temple we picked up Uncle Brock and Aunt Diana and went to dinner.  We got just a glimpse of what their rodeo week must be like.  They sure have fun when they get together. 

The trip was great so far . . .

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