Monday, December 10, 2012

Canada in Three Parts - Part II

Thursday evening on our great Canadian adventure, we hit the Southland Leisure Center.  We met up with our friends, the Torens and had a great evening.  What could be more fun than human hamster balls.  This is Chad, he just crawled in and getting ready to be inflated. 

Chad thought the hamster ball would be cake . . . um not.  He found it more difficult to walk on the water.  It was fun to watch him try to run and then flip around in the ball.

 Here is Keston and Chad. 

 They did have a fun running around in those things.  For a Thursday night the pool was crowded - don't kids have have a bedtime anymore?

If you look really close, tip you head, and squint you can tell that is Keston in the ball.  Tylissa wasn't feeling great so she did not swim.  It made me sad that she could not enjoy the swimming pool with us.

Can you guess who their mom is?  Yep, I have passed my diving talent to my boys.  Keston can do a mean 1 1/2 and Chad does a great back flip.

The Torens hanging in the little pool until B worked her way up to the big pool.

M getting ready for a fun time in the ball. 
I think this is the cutest picture on B waiting to get blow up.  Unfortunately Tylissa liked the zoom feature and we didn't get a good picture of B in the ball but she had a great time.

B trying to shoot D with the water gun.

Here are the two girls in the balls - K and M had a great time.  In fact, they got in line again and did it a second time.

They also had a big blown up obstacle course the kids could play on.  All in all it was a great night.  The last hour of the evening they put the toys away and turned on the waves.  We had a great time in the playing in the waves.  I will upload the videos soon.

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