Thursday, December 10, 2009

Lion King

For my birthday we got to go to Spokane to see the Lion King. We had great seats - first row of the terrace level. We got to the theatre and purchased an overpriced (an I mean really overpriced program) and headed to our seats. Chad was looking through the program and he starts going off on how stupid it was going to be because it was "just a mask" and you "can see the person", you're not supposed to "see the person if it is a puppet". And I sat there thinking what have I done, he is going to ruin the show for everyone around us. Well the first number starts and there are actors up in the balconies with us and that grabbed his attention, then the animals started coming on stage, then the elderly gentleman sitting next to Chad gives him a little nudge and points down. Coming up the isle was this huge elephant. One person in each leg. It was amazing and it shut Chad up instantly.

By the intermission he was going on about how cool it was how the lions masks came down. The one thing I didn't account for was the time change so by the end of the show Chad was almost asleep and Keston was bored. The consensus . . . the boys think Griz Football is better so the girls will enjoy the theatre alone from now on.

We were lucky enough to stay in the hotel right across the river and we were able to walk to the theatre and back - no fight traffic. It was great. Tylissa loved this one but I liked Phantom better. It could be that I was still sick and popping generic day quill just to get through.

So since you aren't allowed to take pictures - I had to get the pictures off the Internet. It was amazing. Zazu, Timon and Pumba were my favorites. It was a great night!
Scar and Zazu - Scar's mask would move up to be a hat like thing and with a certain motion it would come down and cover his face like a mask - amazing!

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Kartchner Family said...

Wow, glad you all enjoyed it. Michelle have you turned into a blogging queen lately? Keep it up!