Thursday, December 10, 2009

Good Morning Update

Don't you just love mornings . . . not. It is the wee hours of the morning and I've been up for over two hours. Why did women get the over-active, multitasking brain? I have no idea what woke me up but instantly I started thinking about everything that needs to get done - what's working, what's not working, Young Women's, Christmas, do I really need to make cookies, I hate that they changed our staff meeting time, did I pay the bills, there is so much going on at work - can I really take some days off for the holiday . . . and it goes on and on and on. So why fight it? Just get up and guess what I discovered . . . no one else is on the computer this early in the morning. I get a turn. NOTE: I hope this doesn't become a regular occurrence cause I still strongly dislike mornings.

So what have we been up to . . . well the strangest thing is that in Chad's class each student needs to read 1000 minutes before Christmas. Those who love and adore Chad know that this is not a strong point and he is fabulous at making excuses not to read. It is a rare occasion for him to finish a book. Well make anything into a competition and that boy is on board. So yesterday morning I asked him to do something and I don't remember what but his response was "I can't mom, I have to read" I nearly burnt myself with the curling iron. So in the last two days he has read almost 200 minutes. He came home, did his homework and then went somewhere quiet to read. No bribes necessary. I should get a picture just to prove it to everyone. He says tomorrow is the deadline and he is getting close to the 1000 minutes so tonight will be another round of reading. I know so pick your chin up off the computer desk and say Great Job Chad!

Tylissa got her first mid-term report card from High School and she had all As and Bs - you go girl. She also received her first recruitment letter from a University. She didn't care at all but holy schmoly it was even signed by the president of the university. No stamp - no scan. She is going to be gone tomorrow. But great things are coming her way - I can feel it.

Keston has to be surgically removed from the computer screen. He is getting involved in the STAND club at school and this is the first week that he has had missing assignments. We made it almost 4 months. Keston made the comment last night coming home from the church that he only has a few more Sundays of Primary. How did that happen?

Val still has a job - the city actually laid off someone from the Fire Department this week. Scary, we'll see what happens with the new city manager. I may have a new job - we've been talking about it for a couple of months and I had my interview, hopefully next week I will know something.

Tylissa will be getting up soon for Seminary. How much more can I do . . .

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Brad said...

Sounds like life has been pretty crazy! But it sounds like it's been good though. Never a dull moment!