Sunday, December 13, 2009

They Did It!!!

Can you believe my handsome boys and amazing daughter met their goals . . .

Keston - yep Keston did it - he is on the Honor Roll for the first trimester. I would like to say he worked hard but he is like his Uncle Rob and just coasts along in school and he finally applied a minimal amount of effort and he made it. Just think what would happen if he actually brought home homework or studied for a test. I hope he keeps it up for the second trimester! Way to go Keston.

Chad - you may want to sit down for this one - but he read 200+ minutes this week to reach his 1000 minutes before Christmas goal. Yippee and he is even asking for books for Christmas. I did say you better sit down. Will he keep up the momentum over Christmas, stay tuned. Next stop - those awful spelling tests.

Tylissa - for her first trimester of High School she has a 3.571 GPA. Her goal is to just do great and she is working so hard. She has a A- in Honors English can you believe that. I don't know where she got her brains but she definitely works hard and long on her homework.

Thanks for letting me take a moment to boast and now (or maybe soon) I will be humble again.

oh - ending quote of the day from Chad and it is a repeat of what I posted on Facebook but Friday at work was the holiday party so everyone in the office was dressed up and looking great. I did my hair and even wore eyeliner and I was looking good and feeling great until I came home and leave it to Chad to keep me centered . . . I was laying on the floor and he comes up and starts pulling at my forehead and says "Mom, you have enough lines on your forehead that it looks like snake skin" Oh feel the love!


Kartchner Family said...

Way to go Hemsley Kids. Michelle just wait until your neck, arms, legs, well all of you looks like snake skin. Something to look forward to.

Brad said...

Awesome job guys! Don't feel bad, Michelle. The big boss man just visited from California. He's 37 and I have more laugh-lines and crow's feet on my face than he does..... Perhaps we just enjoy life more :)