Sunday, April 15, 2012

Concerts - Choir and Band

Chad is really enjoying choir this year. This is at one of his concerts. He was selected to be in the Grade 6 honor choir this year so I traveled with him to Missoula to work with a guest conductor. He did great and had fun. His next concert is songs from Disney.

I love choir concerts - they are short and sweet, no getting there really early to warm up, tune, and no switching seats. Plus the conductor does not talk forever between between pieces. Sometimes Tylissa and Keston's concerts go on forever.

Keston's latest concert was amazing. It was all the band students together doing Marches and Medleys. I have a lot of video but they are so long, I had to pick a short one. This is from Phantom of the Opera. They did all kinds of marches and medleys from Disney songs, Phantom, Pirates of the Caribbean, and others. Ignore the weird camera - it has a mind of it's own and started doing weird things. Can you see Keston? He is on the second from just to the right of the conductor. Look for his red hair.

Tylissa's last concert will be next month, and she has decided not to continue orchestra next year so stay tuned for her turn.

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Kartchner Family said...

Great job Chad and Keston!!!