Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tylissa's Birthday . . .

Tylissa's birthday was a bit low key. I decorated her locker at school so she would have a great start to her day. I wish this was in color but I only had my phone so just imagine all the colors. It looked great. However, when she got to school there was only one balloon. Oh, well.

She even had fun and great day. She was surprised and it took her awhile to figure out who the culprit was.

Another LEGO mini fig to add to the collection.

Her thing now is socks, especially knee-high ones.

Her friends got her a giant cookie, with her birthday pie, and red velvet mini cupcakes.

Yummy apple pie - who needs cake when you have pie?

Her new bedspread. I was hoping to get her bed room painted but I didn't make it. Hopefully before she goes away to college we will get her bedroom done and it will no longer pink and purple.

Thanks Grandpa Paul for making a great bed. She loves it.

Happy Birthday Tylissa . . . I know this post is months old but we still love you!

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