Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Track was going so well . . .

Keston's first track meet - I could only stay for one event. Here is the long jump. He gets better each time. I don't remember what the exact jump was but it was over 16 feet. His next goal was 17. He had a meet last night and I missed the long jump but his best was 16 11 3/4. He missed his goal by 1/4 of a inch but he still jumped farther.

Here is the triple jump from last night. He did great - the jump he sat down on was his best jump, I think it was 36 something. It would have been great if his butt would have stayed up.

To try something new he decided to do the 200m. Well it didn't end well. He was running his heart out and I don't know if he tripped or if the momentum got the better of him but he went down and it seemed like it all happened in slow motion. It seemed like all he had to do was stick out his tongue and he would have been across the finish line, he did get up and take the two steps over the finish line but here is the result. OUCH!

Can't wait to see what the rest of the season will bring.

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