Friday, December 27, 2013

Chad = Football

This brought the last year of middle school football.  The coaches changed positions on Chad and he went to wide receiver.  The problem with this year is that it seem like all the other kids grew in leaps and bounds and then there is Chad so he didn't get as much playing time - it was humbling.  That's okay - he had fun along with a great season.

At the beginning of the year there was a scrimmage with a lot of teams and Val saw his old high school football coach who was coaching for Columbia Falls.  So it was fun to see him again when they played each other. 
Behind that big number 15 in blue is a strapping kid who won't leave his man.  The kid has heart - you gotta give him that.

For their last game the two Grade 8 teams played each other on the high school field under the lights.  They announced each kids name.  Chad had a blast.  Unfortunately, they did not win but it was fun.  Chad is number 10.

After the game they gathered  mid field.  Chad had great coaches and he had a lot of fun.
I love the look on his face.  I couldn't get him to hold still for nothing.  He smeared on side of his under eye stuff so he had to smear the other side to make it even.  I love this kid.  

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