Friday, December 27, 2013

Theatre . . the Theatre

Keston has become more involved in the theatre at school.  Last year he participated in FXT and it has escalated since then.  At the beginning of the year he had a part in the IB play and then he got a part in Lord of the Flies.  It was weird but then again, Lord of the Flies is a weird book.  Here he is after the play in full make up.  Granny and Grandpa Paul were not thrilled with the play but he fun, I must say it was a weird adaptation. 

A face only a mama could love.  

Stratton better watch out.   Next up is FXT14 (the 10th Anniversary) he is in a couple of plays and then he is in the Music Man in March - he will play the part of Tommy - the mayor's daughter's boyfriend.  It will be a great spring!

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