Wednesday, December 18, 2013

We finally made it to Arizona!

Yes, we are the odd balls that actually go to Arizona in August but we really had a great time.  We learned all the secrets to staying cool and hydrated!  We immediately hit the pool and basically lived in the pool. 

The kids wanted to go to the temple.  It was Chad's idea to take the picture in front of the lion spout.  And I would like to insert a thank you to Karson for letting Keston borrow a tie.  The temple was very busy for a Tuesday morning.  I even asked Sherylee if people worked.  We found out that the temple had debut a new movie for the endowment sessions.  Who new it would be so popular that we could even find a parking space.  Sherylee and I were able to attend a session later in the week.  It had been awhile since I had attended and it was much appreciated.

I think the kids were getting tired of me stopping and taking pictures - it was hot after all.
After the temple we check Chad's want to do off the list.  He wanted to go to JumpStreet.  It is wall to wall trampolines along with trampoline dodgeball, foam pit, and a mechanical bull.  Here are some pictures.  We have videos too but they would not upload so just trust me - we had a blast jumping, flipping, bouncing, and playing.

See Tylissa . . . that is her jumping . . . she didn't get the concept that her feet needed to leave the trampoline.
Yep - that blur below is the 40 year old flipping.  I still got it!
The foam pit.  When the attendant asks you to empty your pockets - it is best to empty your pockets or else lose your wallet.  Just ask Keston - luckily we found it.

Sherylee invited the relatives over for a swim and lunch.  I can't believe I didn't get any pictures of Coral.  It was fun to see them and Sherylee always makes great food.  Fish tacos - yum and I am not a fish person.

We got to meet Kiera's kids.  It seems like we know them so well since we follow their blog.  It took a bit for Kate and Wes to warm up to us but they did.  Tylissa and Kate got along really well.  

I wanted to get a picture of the red-heads and Keston wasn't cooperating.  Wes reminds me a lot of Keston when he was little.  They have the same squirelly mannerisms.  

Why sit on the couch when you can sit on Chad . . . I'm sure his boney butt was comfy.
And yes Kiera - I still plan on sending you a copy of the pictures - I will get them to you eventually.  We weren't lucky enough to met Joe - that will hopefully be on the next trip.  Maybe he doesn't exist and he is just a huge cardboard cutout Kiera carries everywhere.

While enjoying the warmth of an evening on the back porch we were attacked - yes attacked - by this praying mantis.  Apparently it does not like to have its picture taken.  It must have been the flash because he beened me in the forehead.
More time in the pool.  We really had a lot of fun.
Last thing on the list - frying the egg on the road.  It didn't work - all it did was dry out the egg.  It didn't really fry.  A little disappointing.   The boys also tried to find scorpions - they didn't find any and I'm okay with that.  But we had fun watching the lizards.

We had a great time!  Aunt Sherylee and Uncle Monte are great hosts.  We can't wait to go again.  Sherylee was so patient with us, driving us everywhere so we could shop and shop and shop some more.  We had our first experience eating In and Out burgers . . . not sure what to expect but I think I like 5 Guys better.  We did however LOVE Bahama Bucks . . . more on that next post.   Thanks Kartchners - we can't wait to come back again!

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Kiera and Joe said...

I'm so glad you guys got to come visit!!! Next time escape the snow and come in the Winter :) Actually...come in March or April and get the best of both worlds! Loved all the pictures in this post!! Miss you guys!