Sunday, June 21, 2009

Crazy Few Weeks

The craziness started soon after we got home from Canada. Being in the Stake Primary we travel to other wards for their ward conference and the Stake does the singing and sharing time. So I was already to travel to the Plains branch (about an hour away). Well the President called and went on how it was a small branch and I didn't need to come. Well I sure wish I would have went, because Val and I were called into the Bishop's office. Now you know it is for something big when they ask for both of you, so I am going through the list of things they would need Val for. BIG mistake. The Bishop looked at me and said "This if for you". GASP!!! Not good - Warning - Warning - Warning! They asked me to be Young Women's President. WHAT ARE THEY THINKING?!? I'm in the Stake you can't take me cause, well . . . I'm in the Stake (he emailed the Stake President and my Stake Primary President) GULP.

Needless to say I don't remember anything about the speakers, lessons, etc. that day. In fact, I was freaking out so much that the bishop called me back into his office during Sunday School. I have no problem being part of a presidency - just tell me what to do and I'll do it, but for me to tell someone what to do - AHHHH. Now you can't have doubt aka freaking out and faith at the same time so basically put my big girl panties on and get on with it. So if it is going to be me I ask Bishop how bad I get to rock the ward and all the callings. Bishop is so great, he said anyone was free but perhaps not the Relief Society President. Easy thing to agree to!

So the humbling process begins. I need to find counselors. The next Sunday the bishop is out-of-town so I give the names of my counselors to a member of the bishopric. During Relief Society I see them start to pull the sisters out (they reached Bishop by cell phones). I thought I had it right but nope, one sister didn't feel this was the calling for her. Round 2 begins.

On Wednesday, Bishop calls and we "chat" - in the mean time Keston has turned 12 - he needs to see the Bishop so he can be ordained to the Priesthood. Well Bishop is going to Canada on the youth temple trip so he heads over to our house at 9 that night and an hour later emerges. Keston was not thrilled to have to change out of jammies into dress clothes, but he did. So Keston will getting the Priesthood on Sunday. Whew.

Granny and Grandpa arrive on Saturday and we have a great time - we took them to see the movie UP in 3D - that was a great idea. Then Granny and I head to the store while Tylissa introduces Grandpa to the movie August Rush. Dinner at Applebees was great - although the mild buffalo wings are still very very hot! The evening concluded with the movie New in Town.

Now I still haven't heard from the Bishop so I figure no news is good news and my last counselor accepted the call. Well let the games begin. The phone was ringing off the hook for a Sunday morning at the Hemsleys. Off to church we go, they release the current presidency and our names are called and I wish someone would have stood up and yelled NO WAY! Keston is presented to the Ward and whew - no one opposed. Our first experience in Young Women's we observed - I left for Keston's ordination.

Next it was going through the cupboard, our first activity (luckily the Young Men were in charge of that one) and our first presidency meeting. Today we ran the circus and it went ok. But the real question is - my name is not on the back of the bullentin so it's not official yet right?

For Val's Happy Father's Day he got to pass the sacrament with Keston for his first time. Now the joke of the ward is that we have a young man in our ward who is 15 year's old and 6'8''. Keston was briefly standing next to him and poor Keston only comes up to his belt buckle.

Whew - the ride begins and to this I say "BRING IT ON!" Maybe!

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Jessimo said...

Michelle, you will do amazing. I am glad things are going well so far, and don't worry at all. You are supposed to be in this calling. Can't wait to see ya girl!