Sunday, June 21, 2009

We Love Grandpa Paul

10. He didn't say any bad words when we bombarded him with multiple cans of silly string. (I think he may have thought some)

9. We got to stand on his hands . . . over and over again. We should test this with Preston - can he still do it.

8. He loves Mom unconditionally - who else would put up with the remodeling and the remodeling, and the remodeling. You get the idea.

7. He taught us all, by example, to work - and work hard. How many days until retirement (19 and counting).

6. We LOVE his great stories. The fish zippin' and zappin', the tack on the teacher's chair, the self inflicted tattoo . . .

5. He is dependable and reliable - he'll do what he says he'll do and he'll do it for anyone! Not just for family. He puts up with all of us!

4. His book collection - and he shares. BONUS!

3. His internal clock - you know it is time to go to bed when he starts taking his clothes off.

2. He knows everything about everything and can fix or build anything. Lucky mom! Poor dad!

1. He will now willingly - key word WILLINGLY - bend down so I can give him a kiss!
Love you Grandpa!

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