Sunday, June 21, 2009

We Love Grandpa

10. He would do anything for his family!

9. Even though he can't to see everyone all the time - it's good to know that he wishes he could!

8. He makes great ice cream treats - too bad the soda shoppe isn't around anymore.

7. He made great camping and fishing memories!

6. He has some great Navy stories - can you really see Grandpa putting his fork into another guys hand for trying to take food off his plate? Surely, not our Grandpa!

5. He gives great 4 wheeler rides. But Beware!

4. Always went hunting! Some trips more successful than others!

3. He taught us the saying "My mouth is dryer than a popcorn fart"

2. He has stood by mom's side through thick and thin! And thin and thick! With that many kids in the house there was never a dull moment!

1. He loves us all - and lucky Grandpa - we all love him right back!

We Love you Grandpa! Wish we could see you more often!

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