Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The days of yore!

On Father's day we found some video cassettes from years gone by so we popped them into the video camera and hooked it up to the tv. Boy has our family changed. Listening to them talk and the funny quirks the kids had when they were little. It was so much fun watching everyone break the pineta, the grandpa silly string episode is a favorite, the boys looked so cute in their tiny wrestling uniforms. Oh the memories.

Can you remember when Karson and Kayden were little - they were at one time. When the three "little" boys were all the same size? We even have Grandpa Berry jumping rope and barking instructions on how to hold the pineta. I'm still looking for episodes where Grandma Berry takes out Brad's knee . . . oh what fun!

So now my next step is copying them all on to DVD.

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Brad said...

One of these days I think I need to see some of those. It's amazing how fast time flies!