Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Chad finally got excited about school - it only took 8 months and 3 weeks, but the final week of school he got excited about a project. Last Sunday evening he announced that he needed a life size anteater . . . yep my jaw dropped! So Monday we went on a scavenger hunt through the house and the garage to find anything that would make a great anteater. He worked so hard. Tuesday he spray painted and then we glued on eyes and ears. Chad made the two foot long tongue himself - complete with black dots for ants.

Tuesday he also spent time on the computer researching anteaters - did you know they don't have any teeth? He presented his report to the teacher and came home with an A - both in presentation and project. There may be hope.

His class has been learning about the rain forest. They have made trees and animals. Then the last couple of days his class has been presenting tours complete with very knowledgable tour guides. Some animals in the rain forest at Elrod Elementary are piranhas, camans, elephant (although that one wasn't life size), capuchin monkeys, butterfly, birds, viper snakes, big cats. They were all very specific but I can't spell so you get the general idea.

Now everyone pray that the ambition will last until grade 4.


Kartchner Family said...

Awesome anteater Chad, I had no clue they were so big.

cjh said...

Hi Michelle! I found your blog on Kiera's and it's so nice to spy on you and see how you are doing. Tell Chad I said hi! I have a picture of him on my blog from when we were there for Christmas. I also have a nice picture of your rear-end. Your welcome!